Dr. Leonard Cash – "Doctor Hope"

I have known Ernie Becker (“Ernie-B”) since 1997. We became acquainted through a mutual friend of ours, Mason Harvey. Shortly after meeting, we began doing business together. I consulted Ernie with his business, Becker V Development which resulted in our looking at his personal development as well. When the consulting contract was complete in 1998, Ernie and I continued our friendship and business involvement. I have personally witnessed Ernie-B’s challenges and victories, and more importantly, his tremendous growth as a person. He has become a God-loving man which is evident in all he has done over the past ten years. I strongly encouraged him to enter the coaching profession when I recognized his talent for helping and empowering others. To say it simply, Ernie- B is first my dear friend, and next my business partner. I love, respect and admire Ernie for who he is and what he can do for others. Enough said.

Dr. Cash is the creator and author of Hopeful Kids. This book is the culmination of two decades of experience and years of research. Dr. Cash is clinically trained in direct practice, and is currently the Family Court Administrator for the Clark County Courts located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Cash holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Clinical Social Work (M.S.W.) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Organization and Management.

Lana Wilson

Lana’s coaching experience with Ernie was positive in that while she’s been a Christian for over 20 years, she has never worked with a Christian coach and this process enhanced her long held belief. With Ernie’s guidance, Lana learned that instead of getting in a frenzy over things, she created a motto for herself to “pivot and pray” which is an effective tool she uses daily. Lana highly recommends Ernie’s coaching. “I truly believe in coaching because it keeps you directed where you want to go and gives you assurance that you are not alone.”

Fernando Rodriguez

Ernie is not intimidating and is a darn good listener. Throughout the coaching process, I discovered my real self, which took courage and honesty. I am now able to relate to people on a whole new level. Not knowing my true self kept me from relating to others on anything other than the surface. Now I don’t spend time in unhealthy relationships since I am able to set boundaries and decipher what is healthy or unhealthy in my life. The confidence I gained through the coaching process is tremendous. We took things slow and didn’t try to change everything all at once which can sometimes be overwhelming and lead to failure. Ernie has been through so much and was perceptive to my pace. As a result of his patience and non-forceful way of teaching, I was able to arrive at my own conclusions. As Ernie said you can’t tell someone to change, you have to teach them to change. This style of coaching worked wonders for me and

Gloria Salazar

Gloria felt instant trust when she began her sessions with Ernie which made it very easy for her to share openly and honestly. As they went through the coaching sessions, Ernie helped Gloria uncover the things that were stopping her from obtaining her goals and to be more accountable to get them done in a timely manner. The process of writing down her goals and tracking them made it easier to see her progress and remain focused on the end result. “Through my coaching process I learned to be accountable to the goals I set and discover what had been stopping me from reaching them in the past.  I am now able to see clearly and reach my goals.” Gloria is a business woman and this not only helped her personally but in her profession as well. 

Mike Koepnick

Mike had to put some serious thought into his answer when asked the question about what he liked best about working with Ernie.  “There were so many things.  Ernie is perceptive and on point; he kept me focused and did not let me get side tracked or off topic.  He opened up my eyes which allowed me to change my perspective on not just how to do things in the big picture scheme but to set goals and micro-manage them. When you’re focused on the fine details of your goals, it is hard to ignore them.”  Mike and Ernie worked closely on financial goals and with Ernie’s unique financial system they structured a workable budget which will lead to true and realistic financial flexibility.  “Ernie’s financial system follows a step-by-step process that is simple to follow and allowed me to see exactly where I stand.  The system took the fear out of what I thought was a monumental task and gave me the confidence to work from the ground up.”

Rose Huffman

Ernie is not just a coach, he is a man who has integrity as well as character.  He listened while looking me in the eye…no interrupting.  His coaching style is gentle and safe and come to find out, I had the answers inside me all along. His patience and trust made this journey of self-discovery enjoyable and effective.

Kris Thompson

Ernie was very easy to talk to and always had positive feedback, even when I was in the most negative state of mind. Throughout the coaching process, we touched on many areas in my spiritual life. I was brought back to my relationship with God having been away for awhile.  I now take time to pray, create quiet time, look at myself instead of others and know what I need to do to rekindle my relationship with God. Ernie taught me how to use the bible as a reference in my everyday life.  It’s not just a big, intimidating book, but something I can open daily to keep strong in my relationship with God.  Ernie suggested I watch inspiring programs which opened up a whole new world for me.  I learned that I don’t have to do this alone and there are others out there just like me. This was a positive, uplifting process that I would highly recommend.

I am thankful to have learned a new way of thinking.

Pat Ferguson

What I liked best about working with Ernie is he got me out of my comfort zone. He pushed me! The coaching experience changed my way of thinking to focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t do. It reinforced that I need to keep a goal in mind. If you have dreams go for it and don’t be afraid. Having a life coach helped get me out of my fear.

Judith Harriman

Ernie’s trusting nature was like peeling the layers of an onion which allowed me to very safely unleash the answers already inside me that had been locked away. The coaching process awakened my desire to achieve goals set long ago.  I am now ready to pursue my dreams.