Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me. Psalm 51:12 – NIV

We all deal with HURTS and Habits in our lives. These usually are feed by feelings and emotions. We focus on what results in your life are displeasing to you and support you in creating the desired results that are pleasing to you. Hurts come in a variety of different forms and we focus on the core root that drives the hurt. Remember God does not promise us that difficult time will not come, He promises us that he will be there with us when they do. We support you in navigating through those times! Habits can be very crippling for us as well, think about your life and where something is happening over and over that keeps you in a frustration state. This can come in many different forms and we like to identify them as “Slavemasters” we all have one or more of these. Scriptures is clear when it states that we are all a “Slave to Sin” and this means every one of us. What is yours? Anger, frustration, procrastination, comparing, blaming, perfectionism, pride, people pleasing, wanting approval, shopping, food, gambling, sex, alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, etc. (etc. means we could go on and on.)
We offer discrete, non-judgmental, one-on-one coaching designed to personally guide you through your renewal of self. We can teach you how to obtain self-control and discipline and break the chains that bind you as well as support you in healing of your hurts.

Misunderstood words:

ADDICITON: This means something you are a slave to, as we mentioned above we are all a slave to something.
RECOVERY: This would mean healing from a wound, the act of combating a problem or a wound.